Ownership structure


Major Shareholders Who Own More Than 5%

Name of Shareholder2021
No. of shares %
Byblos Bank20,829,35510.381%
Social Security Corporation 20,566,00010.249%
Jordan Worsted Mills Co.12,945,3156.452%

Board of Directors Members

RankNameNationalityShares StatusNo. of SeatsOwnership
1Mr. Saad Nabil Mouasher (Chairman of the board)JordanianDeposited12,502,882
2Mr. Moh’d Mousa Dawood “Moh’d Issa”JordanianDeposited111,466
3Mr. Nadim Yousef MuasherJordanianDeposited16,974,106
4Byblos Bank (Board Member)LebaneseDeposited120,829,355
Mr. Alan Fouad Wanna (Representative)Lebanese0
5Jordan Investor Center (Board Member)JordanianDeposited110,019,048
Mrs. Majd Mohammad Shweikeh (Representative)Jordanian0
6Social Security Corporation (Board Member)JordanianDeposited120,566,000
Mrs. Ranya Moosa Alaraj (Representative)Jordanian0
7Mouasher Investment & Trading Co (Board Member)JordanianDeposited1529,240
Mr. Imad Yousef Mouasher (Representative)JordanianDeposited7,339,722
8Rajai Muasher & Brothers Co (Board Member)JordanianDeposited113,097
Mr. Rafik Saleh Muasher (Representative)JordanianDeposited12,500,000
9H.E.Dr. Tareq Mohammad Hammouri (Board Member)JordanianDeposited114,922
10Mr. Karim Tawfiq KawarJordanianDeposited1131,989
11Mr. Yazan Munther Haddadin (Board Member)JordanianDeposited12,000
12Mr. Khalil Safwan Saket (Board Member)JordanianDeposited12,000
13Dr. Basim Mahmoud Malhas (Board Member)SaudiDeposited1166,256